Who can participate?:

  - Veterinary students and veterinarians practicing the profession in the Americas.

Is there a fee to participate?:

  - No, participation is free!

How will the Olympics develop?:

  - They will be held through answering an on line questionnaire to be completed online on the website of the Olympics.

How should I register?:

  - Only electronically on the Olympics website,

Where will the competition be held physically in the first round?:

  - Any place you can find internet Access. In the case of the second round, these will be carried out in the Headquarters of the Veterinary Services of the countries.

What is the prize for the winners?:

  - An 8 day trip to France to participate in the OIE General Session in May 2016 and visit a veterinary School as well as the Natural History Museum.

Who will organise the trip to Paris for the winners?:

  - The OIE Regional Representation for the Americas.

What costs does the OIE cover for the winners' trip?:

  - All travel costs are covered by the OIE, which includes economy class airfare, accomodation, transfers to and from the airport, visa, an allowance of 600 euros for meals. A full description can be found in the Rules of the Olympics.


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